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School Workshops

This one is for you, 
Youth Educator.
Elementary Classroom


Create a bond with your students over something we all have in common, our Earth.

Together, you can help fight the climate crisis. 

Speak up!

You and your students will learn how to become advocates for a healthy planet.


Motivate your students to become eco-warriors by learning how to implement simple changes into your lives at school and home. 


We'll teach you simple crafts that are easy, fun, and low-waste. 

You can continue creating these recipes for years to come.

Earthy Sisters provides an interactive, fun, and educational experience for students of all ages.

Students will leave our workshop with a more eco-conscious mindset, inspired to apply what they’ve learned into their daily lives.

Earthy Sisters workshops teach youth and youth educators simple changes that can make a big difference to the health of our planet. Students will leave with a critical outlook on wasteful consumerism, and strategies to battle climate change.

Our workshop ​ties to the Ontario curriculum of Environmental Education in Science and Technology, Environmental Education and The Arts, and Shaping Our Schools, Shaping Our Future: Environmental Education in Ontario Schools.

Gardening Class

  • Elementary and secondary school workshops run about 45-60 minutes. 

  • Minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 workshops per day per school.

  • Maximum of 30 students per workshop.

  • Students receive takeaways provided to reinforce their newly learned eco-solutions at home.

  • Workshops are available in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe Area.

  • We work with your school's budget to find the right price for your students. 

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