Why We Should All Care About Climate Change and Take Action To Reduce our Impacts

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

*This blog post contains FACTS on climate change that may be hard for readers to digest. By reading this post, you will no longer be uninformed on the impacts of climate change, and therefor we encourage you to act on these issues. Reader discretion is advised*

Before you continue reading, watch this video by Prince EA on Man Vs. Earth.

( Man Vs. Earth, 2019)

We can't lie, climate change is anxiety provoking and sends us into a deep rabbit hole. Who wants to sit and read the facts that there may not be enough time left to save our beautiful home? WELL TOO BAD PEOPLE! The facts are real, and they're already affecting Earth's most vulnerable. Aren't you tired of hearing the bad news? WE ARE TOO. Let's make changes together to help protect our land.

First things first, let us just say that climate change is not necessarily your fault (unless you own BP or Exxon Mobil or run the country). It has been known since the 1960s that big corporations were inadvertently pumping heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the air (NASA, 2020). In 1975 the National Academy of Science found "no reason to doubt that climate changes will result and no reason to believe that these changes will be negligible." (NASA, 2020).

In other words, governments were allowing corporations to continue the unethical practice of releasing harmful gases into the air despite knowing that there would be harmful and unavoidable consequences. The best part? They've known about this FOR OVER 50 YEARS! Are you as shocked as we were?

We're angry at our government for putting the lives of our home and all earthlings at risk. Aren't you?

Despite governments' poor choices of inaction, it is our responsibility in a democratic society to push our politicians to act on the matter.

(Are you already participating in actions to encourage your MPs to take the steps to act on climate change? Let us know in the comments! We love to hear about individual actions against climate change.)

We know life is busy, so we want to make this short and sweet.

So, hold on to your horses earthlings, we're about to hit you with some alarming facts about climate change. But don't worry, we're giving you instant solutions to this problem too.

(Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, n.d.)

Here is how climate change is impacting our planet according to the Climate Reality Project:

1. Average Air Temperatures are Rising causing the frequency and severity of droughts and heat waves to increase. This leads to destructive wildfires, failed crops, and low water supplies. What does this mean? Land loss, the death of billions of plants and animals, and increased malnutrition across the globe due to a loss of food supply. You might think this is only happening in places where there is severe poverty, but these effects are happening globally. California is already seeing how water shortages impact their crops and ability to live.

2. Melting Glaciers, Loss of Sea Ice and Sea Levels Rising mean that people who depend on the glaciers for water lose access to a clean, reliable water source. Many animals who depend on sea ice to travel in the frigid winters will be displaced, and over 1 billion people could be displaced from rising sea levels by the year 2050 (WWF). Our animals are dying, our people are losing their homes, and access to water. How are we sitting by and letting this happen?

3. Ocean Heat Content is Rising and the billions of plant and animal species cannot adapt fast enough to the changing temperatures. Plus, according to the World Wildlife Fund changes in the water temperatures causes algae to leave coral reefs, turning them white and making them vulnerable to disease and death (otherwise known as coral bleaching). We've already seen an alarming decrease in coral reefs even in just the past 5 years. We have to act faster.

4. Snow is Decreasing so the light-coloured snow and ice that usually reflects energy back into space, helping keep the planet cool, is now being replaced by dark land and ocean, absorbing the energy, causing more warming.

We know that's a lot to digest. However, to sum that up climate change will have animal species go extinct, have millions if not billions of humans be subject to extreme weather patterns causing migration, illness, malnutrition, and even death. Our oceans will be dead zones and billions of plant and water species will die.

Life as we know it will be extremely different. But it doesn't have to be this way. We can take action RIGHT NOW to stop our home from being destroyed.

What You Can DO:

1. Get Vocal: talk about climate change with your friends, mom, brother, dog, Instagram followers, and the cool chick with the reusable bag on the bus.

2. Ensure Your Home is Weatherized: make sure you have adequate insulation around your home. Turn the heat or A/C off if you don't need it. Run a fan instead of the A/C in the summer.

(ABC News, 2016)

3. Reduce Water Waste: because duh? Take shorter showers, don't run the tap, use cold water, and use eco-friendly appliances.

4. Reduce Food Waste and Eat Plant Based: (hey that rhymed!). We talked about this in a previous blog post which you can read here:

5. Take Transit, Ride Your Bike, or buy a Hybrid/Electric Car: we have some serious chatting to do if you don't know how harmful the emissions from your car are to our planet.

6. Don't Take That Vacation: try and limit your air travel. We know it's hard because who doesn't want to travel the world? But air travel is very harmful to our planet, from the fuel emissions to the waste on the plane, to the unethical practices of many tourism industries. Try exploring your own backyard. We bet there is lots you haven't seen.