Our Story

Sustainability Starts at Home. 

Get The Education and Tools you Need to Lead a More

Eco-Conscious Lifestyle.



You’re trying to do your part to fight climate change.


You’re saying no to plastic. You’re bringing your own bags and containers to the grocery store. You’re buying organic as much as possible.


Yet, your community is letting you down.


You can’t seem to engage in a meaningful conversation about the changes you’re observing in the world. Your colleagues or students are always bringing in food and new items packaged in plastic. Your office still doesn’t have a recycling bin (even though you’ve fought for it for months).


We’ve been there.


Once upon a time, we weren’t even aware of how much of a negative impact one plastic bag or one plastic straw could make. 


After years of research, experimenting, and getting our own communities to shift their mindset and make conscious buying choices, we’re sharing our knowledge and experiences with you and your community.


Our accessible, inclusive, and mobile eco-workshops help your organization come together to implement easy, everyday solutions that decrease your ecological footprint. 


We believe in cultivating community and sharing education and resources to save the world. That’s why we bring our workshops to you, whether it be your office, your classroom, or your home in the Greater Toronto Area. We make environmental education and conscious living accessible to all.


It’s time to take the lead on creating the world YOU want to live in.

Get your community on-board with acting local, thinking global.

Sarah Moreby

Sarah brings her 5+ years of teaching and facilitation experience to curate interactive eco-education workshops that never bore. 


Sarah is deeply passionate about conscious living, sharing resources with her community, and fostering healthy family environments.

Lexi Teufel

Lexi uses her background in business and environmental management to bring new perspectives to our workshops.


Lexi believes that achieving a conscious lifestyle starts by making small steps that lead to long-term changes.