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Offline & Online Sustainability Education

Bringing Sustainability Education to Your Office Has Never Been Easier. 

Whether you're in the office or working from home, Earthy Sisters has a wide variety of fun, engaging, and educational workshops and webinars to encourage your coworkers to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Choose a theme and give us a date and Earthy Sisters will handle the rest. It's that easy! 


Environmentalism is more than switching to a sustainable product. In this workshop, we dive into what it really means to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. 

Earthy Sisters will discuss everything from why we need to fight against climate change, marketing myths and greenwashing traps, to the lifestyle changes needed to become an advocate for climate change. 

This workshop is a beginner to intermediate’s guide to becoming a true environmentalist.

Your health & wellness routine could be having more of a negative impact than you know. 

Together, we will do an audit of the products many of us use today, and discover how we can make more sustainable and healthy choices.

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In this beginner’s guide to creating a green office, you and your team will learn the simple ways you can introduce sustainability into your workplace. 

Earthy Sisters will guide you through the steps it takes to create a green office. Sustainability starts at the individual level but is most successful when we work together.. Together, your team will learn ways to create a sustainable lifestyle and workplace while saving your business money in the long run.

We’re in the face of a climate crisis, and we’re running out of time to stop it. It is our responsibility to understand what will happen if we don’t take the necessary steps to reduce our impact. 

In this webinar, Earthy Sisters will introduce you to the facts about climate change and how we’ve had a negative impact on our planet. But, with the right knowledge, tools, and passion, we can work together to save our planet. 

Earthy Sisters will teach you how to take action and inspire others to help stop climate change.

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Being on board the sustainability train can be hard if your community isn’t ready to hop on yet. 

Earthy Sisters will guide you to make simple changes in your daily routine to adopt a green lifestyle. From the cleaning products we use to what’s in our fridge, this workshop will provide simple solutions to a seemingly difficult journey. 

Throughout this webinar, we’ll discuss ways you can introduce eco-friendly practices to your home life, and how to plant seeds in the minds of your community to empower them to take steps to creating a sustainable journey.

There’s a solution to plastic, and it’s your mindset around it. In this webinar, Earthy Sisters will debunk myths around recycling, how to reduce and reuse your plastic, and how to detach yourself from the convenience that it brings to your life.

There’s a lot of misconceptions around plastic. From recycling, to the different grades and compositions, to how it impacts our ecosystem. Learning about this synthetic monstrosity can help us curve pollution and save our planet.

  • Our webinars run for 60 minutes through Zoom. 

  • We briefly discuss the problem, and quickly inspire simple solutions to conquer your chosen theme followed by a 10-15 minute Q&A session. 

  • We allow a maximum of 100 people per workshop, and a maximum of 5 webinars per week per office. 

  • Workshops are available worldwide in English only. 

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