Earthy Sisters Helps You Improve Your Business.

If you want your workplace to create an eco-friendly mission, your team needs to be educated and empowered to make changes. 

Cultivate a community of doers by engaging your team in a lunch & learn workshop that helps you put solutions on the table.

1. Show Clients and Employees you Care About Sustainability. 
2. Save Time and Money.
3. Enjoy a Fun and Hands on Experience.  
4. Find Inspiration and Motivation to Conquer Climate Change.
5. Improve Morale, Boost Productivity, and Create a Green Initiative at the Office. 

Choose a Theme to Get Your Journey Started.


We’re in the face of a climate crisis, and we’re running out of time to stop it. It is our responsibility to understand what will happen if we don’t take the necessary steps to reduce our impact. 

In this webinar, Earthy Sisters will introduce you to the facts about climate change and how we’ve had a negative impact on our planet. But, with the right knowledge, tools, and passion, we can work together to save our planet. 

Earthy Sisters will teach you how to take action and inspire others to help stop climate change.

Focus: Activism, Lifestyle, Industry/Pollution, Eco-Hacks

We live in a busy world and it is important to take time for ourselves while taking care of our planet. Your health & wellness routine could be having a negative impact on your mind and body, animals, and Earth.

Together, we will do an audit of the products many of us use today, and discover how we can make more sustainable and healthy choices. We focus on our lifestyle habits and how we can integrate eco-friendly ways to take care of our minds and bodies. 

Focus: Health & Wellness, Products & Ingredients, Lifestyle, Eco-Hacks.


There’s a solution to plastic, and it’s your mindset around it. In this webinar, Earthy Sisters will debunk myths around recycling, how to reduce and reuse your plastic, and how to detach yourself from the convenience that it brings to your life.

There’s a lot of misconceptions about plastic. From recycling, to the different grades and compositions, to how it impacts our ecosystem. Learning about this synthetic monstrosity can help us curve pollution and save our planet.


Focus: Waste/Industry, Pollution, Lifestyle, Eco-Hacks


Ready to Conquer Climate Change?

You Can Learn

to Create

  • No Sew Reusable Bag

  • Body Scrub

  • Dry Shampoo

  • Liquid Shampoo

  • All-Purpose Cleaner

  • Wet Wipes

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Odor Eliminating Spray

  • Furoshiki Wrapping

  • Plant-Based Recipes

  • Our lunch & learns run for 60 minutes in the comfort of your office or space of choice.

  • Earthy Sisters can also provide online seminars. 

  • We briefly discuss the problem and quickly inspire simple solutions to conquer your chosen theme. We then make an (optional) DIY product and have a 10 minute Q&A session. 

  • We allow a maximum of 50 people per workshop. 

  • Option to make 1 or 2 eco-friendly DIY products to reinforce their newly learned eco-solutions at home. 

  • Workshops are available in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe Area.

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