Create an Eco-Friendly Community at Your Workplace with Earthy Sisters. 

Minimize Your Ecological Footprint With Us! 

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Earthy Sisters Provides Sustainability & Eco-Friendly Education to Reduce Your Community’s Ecological Footprint, From the Comfort of Wherever You Are.

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you and your team, students, or peers battle climate change. We use fun, inclusive, and engaging material and offer simple solutions to a big problem. 

Together, we can make your goal of creating a green lifestyle a reality. 

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Climate change is real and it is our job to stop it. Earthy Sisters is here to inspire, educate, and create an understanding of climate change and how we can have a positive impact on the well-being of our lives, the lives of animals, and our planet. 

With a focus on community, simplicity and empowerment we can all contribute to a greener world. Our goal to fight climate change starts with the individual but is successful when our entire community steps on board.

The Small Changes You Make Today Lead to a

Better Tomorrow.

Ready to Become an Eco-Warrior?

Download our 21 Day Eco Challenges Calendar. 

We've created an easy to follow calendar with 21 days worth of challenges to teach you and your family the simple steps it takes to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.